Top 10 Unique Inflatable Santa for Christmas 2015


Santa and his reindeers (with Rudolph leading the pack) are staple Christmas decorations – they ‘sort of’ represent Christmas! ๐Ÿ˜‰

But the problem is, having Santa & his sleigh look ‘generic’ and everyone you know have one. If you want to have a unique inflatable Santa that only you (or a select few) have, then join me as I explore the best Santa Inflatables this Christmas.

Be warned! These are not your typical santa in a sleigh setting – if that’s what you’re looking for, go elsewhere.


#1. Santa in an RV

Who says Santa can’t take a holiday during Christmas? Even he needs to take a break from time to time, which is why he rented this camper van – to deliver gifts along way. Sure, it may take a little longer to get the job done, but at least he got to enjoy the whole trip!

He’ll probably get back to the North Pole in time for Christmas next year ๐Ÿ˜›


#2. Santa driving a Dump Truck

With the world’s population growing in an explosive rate, Santa needed a more robust delivery vehicle – the sleigh just won’t cut it anymore!

Rudolp and the sleigh will still be of use as a back-up plan should Santa’s Dump Truck run out of gas.



#3. Cool Santa Motorcycle

Even Santa wants to be COOL!

As if he’s not cool enough on the North Pole…

Well, he might not get the job done – not all kids will get their presents, but for those who did have theirs, Santa delivered it in style ๐Ÿ˜‰



#4. Wanna-be Pilot Santa on an Airplane

I searched the web for the best airplane-flying santa and this is what I found. Sure, it’s a mean-looking jet but it looks like we can rely on this one to help Santa deliver the goods.

This is the closest replacement we have to Santa’s sleigh – they both fly high in the sky! But I think this bad-ass plane have more power, provided Santa loaded it up on fuel, of course ๐Ÿ˜‰



#5 Snowmobile-riding Santa

Help Santa get down the slippery snowy slopes by getting him a snowmobile.

Oh wait – someone did get him one ๐Ÿ˜‰ and he’s using it to bring gifts to cities near the North Pole and even farther down south, anywhere it’s snowing. Otherwise, Santa may need to get a more “flexible mode of transport”.



#6. Santa on Fire in the Chimney

Hate to say ‘I told you so’, Santa!

He finally got caught up in his own game. After years of invading people’s privacy by entering their homes through the chimney, Santa got burned by someone who forgot to put out the fire.

Good thing Rudolph just came in the nick of time to save his boss’s ass ๐Ÿ˜€

A HILARIOUS rendition indeed!

#7. Lifeguard Santa

You think Santa might have change careers?

Nah, he’s just on a beach holiday with Rudolph.

He figured that while he’s at it, he might as well try his hand at being a LifeGuard. Of course, he’d rather just go surfing on his snowflake patterned surfboard ๐Ÿ˜‰

Where do you reckon they went? Somewhere in the Carribean, perhaps.

Feel the summer heat in winter!

#8. Train Operator Santa

Trains are good for long haul journeys!

So you’d expect Santa to use the Reindeer Railways to transport gifts across the country, and perhaps get it through the border as well ๐Ÿ˜‰




#9. Santa Towing Sleigh

Thank goodness for modern transport!

If not for Santa’s back-up car, we’d all be screwed (if Santa’s sleigh broke down and he didn’t have a car, Daddy will be forced to dress up as Santa and give the gifts so the kids won’t think they’ve been bad, or worse, abandoned).




And last but not the least……

Who would have thought???


#10. Mr and Mrs Santa Claus

Ever heard of the saying “Behind every successful man is a woman.Guess it’s true, eh?

You didn’t really think that Santa could pull this off by himself. No, no, no.

He had Mrs Claus helped him all along!




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There you have, the top 10 unique, funniest and most ridiculous inflatable Santa.

Pick one (or get ’em all) and put it in your lawn or front yard. A lot of people will surely stop by and have a laugh at these unusual Santa decorations.

Celebrating the festive season in a unique way

The Christmas holiday is a special occasion to spend time with loved ones be it friends and family, and eat sumptuous meals. Not to say that history making snowflakes and champagne popping orgies should not be part of the celebrations but it is always a great time to always relax, have a piece of mind, forget about the busy schedule of day to day life even if for a second and just enjoy yourselves. Despite being a predominantly Christian affair, Christmas is always a time where every person irrespective of their race, culture, religion or any other distinguishing factors among humans can always find a reason to celebrate and enjoy the festivities.

From shopping for gifts, greeting cards, ornaments, home decorations, delicious food preparations, purchasing of Christmas trees and other activities done while waiting for the big day, the festive mood is always in the air long before the big day reaches.

Of course anyone can agree with me that a perfect holiday season would be one where the real Santa Claus would be available, teaching us some good life lessons, telling us awesome stories, presenting us with amazing gifts and even helping in preparing the meals. However, hoping for that would mean we are taking imaginations too far even though it would still do no harm if we hoped he would come and be part of the celebrations. The holidays always carry some brilliant childhood memories which even when old we can still long for and miss.

During our childhood, for instance, I knew Santa lived in the North Pole. On Christmas eve, I would hang my socks by the bedside and wake up in the morning to find that he had presented me with small gifts wrapped in my socks. I would be happy and overjoyed in the morning when I wake up and I lived hoping that one day would be able to meet Mr. Claus over a cup of coffee to show appreciation for his kind deeds and generosity. I tried to be as good as possible since I knew he would not approve of any wrongdoings and, therefore, would not reward me with gifts if I was of unacceptable conducts.

This shows how incomplete Christmas would be without him and since having the man himself all the way from the North Pole would be unimaginable, getting a blow-up Santa is a certain way to bring the festive cheer of the holidays to your garden and home.

Check out this video unboxing of a Gemmy Airblown Inflatable Santa and Rudolph:

Should you get an inflatable Santa to spice up your Christmas?

The answer is an absolute yes. Mr. Claus alongside the Christmas tree, the theme colors of red and green among others remains as the quintessential expressions of the season. A Christmas without Santa would be like say playing soccer in a basketball pitch; totally out of place.

A blow-up Santa Claus would still embody the joy of the season as it has always been and still portray the spirit of the season in such a unique way. This magical decoration is a sure way to amuse both the young and the old alike. The inflatable is a great holiday dรฉcor which can fit perfectly well both inside and outside the home, is a great addition to the family portrait, and its ability to self-inflate and the light weight makes it easy for anyone to set up or take down.

In contrast to the contemporary versions which were often stuffed with clothes, the inflatable model offers some unique and amazing features such as weather resistance, ability to self-inflate and is easy to deflate for storage purposes, internal lighting, and other seasonal inflatable collections. These unique features add vitality to the holidays lightening up the mood and making people embrace peace and forget about issues of the world even if just for a moment.

With an inflatable Santa, the key themes and symbols of Christmas are carried on making the joy and happiness to be more pronounced. It can still play the roles like the ones which the original played in my Childhood with much ease due to its lightweight and ease of portability. Its durability also enables for it to be used not only once but can be used for as long one takes good care of it which makes it a viable option.

Even though the ways in which the celebrations are conducted are as unique and diverse as the various cultures and customs of this world. The unifying features among the celebrations have always been the date which is always 25th of December, the theme colors of green (as portrayed by the pine tree) and Red, Santaโ€™s clothing in His white hat and the general mood which is often celebratory, peaceful and joyous.

Going back to the question, Should you get a blow-up Santa decoration for a change? Having a blown up yard decor will add more life to the festivities, together with amazing decorations such as garlands and wreaths, outdoor and indoor lightings, stockings hanging from the mantel, a properly decorated tree, gifts, and cards, as well as the delicious food.

They will ensure that you have a colorful and memorable holiday which makes the young ones to always stay around the clock waiting for a repeat of the same and the old ones wishing it never ends.

Christmas is always a time to connect with friends and family, a time to show gratitude, kindness and appreciation to our loved ones, a time to always reflect upon the good we have done and a time to do good to all the people whom we can do good to, a time to show generosity and a time to have a peace of mind too. This means that appropriate measures should be put in place to ensure its success is guaranteed, after all it only takes place once a year.