Add An Inflatable Olaf From Frozen To Your Holiday Display!

inflatable-olaf-riding-svenWhat could be more Christmassy than a snowman? The answer is a snowman who likes warm hugs (and riding a reindeer – Sven!). You guessed it, we’re talking about Olaf, the friendly and sometimes goofy snowman from Disney’s Frozen.

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Even though Frozen came out two years ago, the cartoon is still a favorite and is a perfect way to get in the Christmas spirit since snow, family and friendship were important themes. And let’s face it, even though the cartoon came out two years ago, kids are still singing ‘Let It Go’.

If you are planning on creating a unique display in front of your house or in your yard, the inflatable decorations from the nearest retailer simply won’t do. You need something a little more original, like an inflatable Olaf. Disney characters make perfect Christmas decorations. You probably grew up watching Disney cartoons and now your children love them as well. You and your children already have some amazing memories of watching Disney cartoons and movies for Christmas, so why not create more magic memories this year with Disney decorations?

An inflatable Olaf is a great way to make your children happy and to get them excited about your Holiday display. They might even help you set it up and put the decorations away! Inflatable decorations are ideal because they can be easily stored in the original box and not take up much space until the next Holiday season.

Olaf is a great choice for your display because children absolutely love this character. The naive and goofy snowman had some adorable lines, taught us about courage and friendship and even had a great song about loving summer. And a snowman decoration would make a great addition to any Holiday display.

You can also get other Disney characters to create a themed display. It is possible to find other inflatable characters from Frozen, but you can also find decorations of classic characters if you want a Disney-themed display. But because Olaf is a snowman, you can easily make this decoration work with other items you already own or with any Christmas-themed decorations.

The main thing to consider when shopping for your inflatable Olaf is the size of the decoration. It can be difficult to assess the size of an inflatable decoration when it is still in its box, which is why you need to look at the size of the item. The size should be written on the box, but you might have to read through the product description or contact the seller if you decide to shop for inflatable decorations online.

inflatable olafThere are also different features to compare besides the size. You can, for instance, find a lighted inflatable Olaf that would look great if you plan on creating a light show with LEDs. However, you might prefer a more discreet Olaf that is not lighted to make your LED installation stand out. Compare both options and ask yourself which one would look best in your display.

Make sure you get a product that is officially licensed by Disney when shopping for your inflatable decoration. Frozen was very popular and there are many copies of toys and decorations that are not made by Disney. The quality will not be the same and the snowman will probably not even look like Olaf. You can easily recognize these copies by their low price, but it is always best to double check that you are getting an officially licensed product.

You can find inflatable Olaf decorations and other Frozen-themed items at large retailers like Walmart, Target and Lowe’s. However, these products might go quickly. You should find out when nearby stores will start putting their decorations on the shelves so you can go shop for an inflatable Olaf. Disney-themed inflatable decorations definitely catch the eyes of children and parents and these items may not stay on the shelves for very long.

Shopping for decorations online might be a better option. You will be able to compare prices, have access to a wider selection of products and will not have to go to a crowded store that might not even have an Olaf left. You can find inflatable decorations on many different online store or shop on sites where sellers can list their products, including eBay and Amazon. Check out the Google Shopping feature to easily compare prices and products across several sites and stores.

Take the time to do some research before ordering a decoration online. Always order from websites with an excellent reputation. If you order from independent sellers on eBay and Amazon, look at their ratings and at the reviews written about the product. Do not hesitate to contact the sellers if you have questions about the size of the decoration or want to make sure you are getting an officially licensed product.

Olaf is the perfect addition to your Holiday display. You should start looking for an inflatable decoration now to make sure you get it on time for Christmas!

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