Guide to Buying an Inflatable Grinch


Add more life to your Christmas celebration by purchasing an inflatable Grinch.

Nowadays, displaying replicas of Santa Claus and his reindeers are considered too old-fashioned. As they say, out with the old, in with the new. Inflatable objects of famous Christmas-related characters are all you need in order to bring a dash of originality on your front yard.

There is no doubt that when neighbors look at your backyard and see the image of a Grinch dressed as Santa, they too will rush to the nearest department store to buy one. Now everyone will have a Happy Grinch-y Christmas—without, of course, the personality of the Grinch himself.

If you have no idea who the Grinch is, think of him as the number one enemy of Santa Claus. He is a green creature out to destroy Christmas and steal all the presents meant for the children. Imagine an inflatable figure of the Grinch himself standing on your front door.

Won’t it be hilarious? Your neighbors will surely love the irony.

The good thing about an inflatable is that it is easy to set up.

You simply need to use an air pump and you can watch as the figure comes to life right in front of your very eyes.


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Furthermore, another advantage is that you can rest assured that it is safe. Thanks to its light weight, your children are free to approach an inflatable without you fearing for their safety. Perhaps the best part about owning one is that right after the occasion, you can simply deflate it and store it away in a safe place.

What are the things that you need to remember when it comes to selecting a Grinch inflatable?

There are many options for you to consider.

First, you may choose to buy one that can be placed on the roof. The best-sellers are those that have hook holes which you can insert ropes in order to maintain balance once placed on the roof.

You can also buy miniature inflatables, which you can place on top of Christmas trees or on different areas on your front lawn. The presence of these miniature Grinch inflatables, however, does not undermine the sales of the larger ones.

The decade brought forth the inflatable Christmas decors, much to the disappointment of those made from harder materials. The good thing, though, is that there are now inflatable products in the market which come with incandescent bulbs that you can light up in order to make your decoration visible even during the night. Of course, the main downside is that your electricity bill will skyrocket if you keep it on all night, but sometimes you have to sacrifice a lot for the spirit of Christmas, right?

Overall, if you want your house to stand out in your neighborhood without having to resort to displaying the clichéd Santa Clause decorations, you will never go wrong if you purchase a Grinch inflatable. You can either order from your nearest supermarket or order using the Internet.


Is the blow up Grinch a Good Decoration for Christmas?


the grinch on the chimneyAs children, most of us grew up listening to tales of how the Grinch stole Christmas. In fact, aside from Santa Claus, Rudolph, and his Reindeers, and the trees that adorn most Western living rooms during the Holiday Season, the Grinch stands near the top as the most recognizable figure of the season. Children young and old, including adults of all ages, find humor and joy when setting their eyes on the green figured and strange looking Grinch.

That figure has now made its way to many households as part of a decorating scheme that is sure to make the neighbors stand up and take notice. In short, the inflatable Grinch, coming in many different shapes and sizes, makes a great decoration for the Christmas.

Adding That New and Creative Spark to the Season


As the years have flown by, holiday decorations seem to have grown stagnant and stale. Everyone seems to have the lights, the tinsel, and the Santa Clause decorations staged on the outside and inside of their homes. While these items certainly evoke the joy of the season, many today are longing for something a bit more creative to usher in the sights and sounds of Christmas. Items such as the air blown Grinch certainly help to fill the void that many in the decorating world have long been trying to fill.

The Grinch inflatable is a great addition to the holiday scene because it brings a bit of life and pizzazz to the average Christmas celebration. Not only does it bring back childhood memories of Dr. Seuss and his many stories that define the season, but the sinister look and feel of the Grinch himself add an element of mystery and surprise to gatherings big and small, no matter how elaborate or simple they might be. In fact, many today view the traditional displays of Santa Claus and his reindeer’s as way too old-fashioned and out of date. A blow-up Grinch can help you come into the modern era by casting away the old, and bringing in that fresh new look that you have been looking for.


Brighten Up the Neighborhood With Some Joy


inflatable grinch yard decorationPart of the Christmas decorating experience is certainly borne out of that desire to make one’s neighborhood come alive. As a homeowner, you certainly want to do your part. Why not consider something a bit different? Add something to your decoration scheme that brings in some color and a more non-traditional look to your holiday experience. Doing so will almost certainly get people to stop and take notice. You will also find great joy from watching the faces of others light up as they see your special Grinch, no matter where you decide to place him – on the rooftop, in the middle of the yard, or in a lit up window for all to see.

Naturally, the inflatable Grinch comes dressed as Santa Claus, as this replicates the spirit of the story that Seuss himself developed all those many years ago. Having such a decoration in your yard will inspire others to do the same. Before you know it, a whole new generation of young readers will be exposed to Dr. Seuss in ways never before imagined. Who knows, you might just inspire a new reading revolution to take place in your neighborhood. Beyond that, this decoration is so new and so unique, that it is sure to evoke many dinner table conversations about the true meaning of Christmas come this December. Children will begin to wonder why individuals such as the Grinch exist. They will look for the wonder and amazement that is Christmas, and adults everywhere will have the opportunity to demonstrate to children the true nature of the season by ensuring that the Grinch does not have his way!


Decorating Should be Fun and Easy


Beyond all of the many reasons just mentioned as to why the Grinch makes a great Christmas decoration, simply consider the fun aspect of this conversation. The Grinch is simply a great little creature to look at and behold. His color alone will provide a spark to that otherwise dull and normal look to the season. As the Grinch is meant to steal all of the Christmas presents from little children, people in the neighborhood will be on the lookout to make sure that he does not come their way! Your neighbors will just love the different look that this provides to the neighborhood, and you might just find that they rush out to the nearest holiday store to buy their own.

Let us not forget how cumbersome and difficult many holiday decorations are to put up correctly. Light cords tangle together and reindeer’s seem to tumble over at just the wrong moment. Then, as the end of the season, many of the larger items take up way too much space in the attic. The list goes on and on, but this does not have to be the case. The air-blown Grinch is wonderful because – well – what is inflatable can also be deflated! To get the Grinch to his life like size, all you need is a simple air pump. In a few seconds, he literally comes to life and is ready to add spark to your decorative spirit.

Video: See it in action


Some Final Words..


In addition to all that has already been said, you do not need to worry about this decoration, no matter what size Grinch you opt to buy, being unsafe for even the youngest of children. The lightweight feature of the Grinch means that children can come as close as they want and there will be no sharp edges or tiny pieces to fall and cause great harm. You also do not have to worry about the Grinch blowing away to wreak havoc in a distant neighborhood uninvited. You can anchor him down so even the strongest of winds will not detach the Grinch from his perch.

In short, the inflatable Grinch is a great holiday decoration that you should seriously consider adding to your repertoire this season. It is unique, creative, and easy to handle. The figure brings and laughter and joy to all who will see it, and that, after all, is certainly what the holiday season is all about.