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Holiday Time Snowman


One of the things people like to do in the weeks leading up to Christmas is to decorate their homes appropriately.  It can be a laborious affair considering the different ways people express their creativity with every single decoration needed in the right place to create a truly festive atmosphere, and that’s only for indoors.

Just as challenging as taking all your decorations out and putting these where these need to be is collecting everything and storing it all away once the holidays are over.


The Solution: Inflatable Outdoor Decorations

Inflatable Santa in a sleighThe outside of your home, particularly the front yard, offers plenty of space for decorations and that includes the bigger decorations that wouldn’t normally fit inside your living room which may already be full of traditional decorations.

Bigger decorations are ideal for outdoors because they can be easily seen from afar to make your home’s celebratory mood highly noticeable.

Inflatable decorations would be your ornaments of choice because setting them up in time for the holidays and putting them away for the rest of the year would each take you no more than a few minutes.

The bigger ones may take up some space whenever they’re out on your yard, but once they’re deflated and placed right back in their packaging, it’s easy to stack as many of them in storage along with your other decorations.

Outdoor inflatable Christmas decorations are a great yet practical way for giving any home a real taste of holiday cheer.


Inflatable Christmas Yard Decorations brightens up your lawn

Inflatable outdoor Christmas decorations are most often those that have been designed for use in the front yard.  Even the big ones are easy to set up and take down which means you won’t tire yourself out while you’re preparing your home for the holidays.

The newer inflatable decorations available today are made of vinyl or any other weather-resistant fabric so they can remain intact and upright even after a snowfall or anything else that may happen during winter.  Being resistant to the weather means your inflatable decorations are also resistant to normal wear and tear, thus ensuring they can serve their ornamental purposes for years to come.

Just as traditional Christmas decorations come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, so do inflatable yard decorations.  Some even have a self-inflation feature, thus eliminating the need for something as bulky as a separate air pump.  The bigger inflatable decorations typically come with lights both to make them visible at night and to make your yard appear livelier and more inviting.


Gemmy Inflatable Decorations

gemmy inflatable christmas snoopy and charlie brownGemmy is one of the leading manufacturers of seasonal décor in America today partly because it was the one that came up with the idea of inflatable ornaments, many of which have become common sights in front yards throughout the country.

Gemmy has a wide selection of decorative inflatable pieces covering every holiday celebrated in North America from Halloween to Saint Patrick’s Day.

The holiday season category is among the most popular in the Gemmy product line with no less than 150 different decorations, each one big enough for outdoor use.

Gemmy’s inflatable decorations include holiday staples like Nativity scenes, Christmas trees, Santa Claus and his elves, reindeer, snowglobes, and gingerbread men and popular characters like Mickey Mouse, Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and the witty M&MSpokescandies.”


Inflatable Christmas Tree

Having a fully-decorated Christmas tree in your living room for everyone to see is regarded as one of the many household essentials during the holiday season.  You can even have one put up on your yard though it doesn’t have to be the real thing.

An inflatable Christmas tree is a good substitute for a real tree as an outdoor decoration because you need not worry about placing a lot of your lights and fragile ornaments (e.g. balls, tinsel, and candy canes) outside where they could be damaged by the elements.  Just fill your tree up with air and you’re done: no trimming and no heavy lifting.  What’s even better is you can also use your inflatable tree for the succeeding Christmases as long as it is still in one piece whereas you have to get yourself real trees every year (though an inflatable tree won’t even come close to replacing a real tree to create just the right holiday atmosphere indoors).


Inflatable Santa

inflatable santa claus with christmas treeAlthough not everyone may believe Santa Claus actually exists to this day, you can make him larger than life by having him—albeit an inflatable representation of him—in your yard.  Inflatable Santas are among the most popular outdoor decorations because Santa Claus himself is a figure that everyone immediately associates with the holidays whether or not he is real.

You can have Santa simply stand in your yard with a smile on his face and his hand up as if waving at passersby and welcoming the relatives and friends who come to visit you.


If your yard is big enough, you can put in an entire inflatable set consisting of Santa riding his sleigh full of presents and complete with reindeer.

Other creative designs include Santa wearing sunglasses and riding a souped-up motorcycle, Santa using an airplane or a helicopter instead of his trusted sleigh to deliver his presents to children all over the world, and Santa riding a carousel with his reindeer substituting for ponies.  One inflatable Santa even depicts him wearing a soldier’s uniform as a way of honoring the serving men and women ofAmerica’s Armed Forces, especially those who are stationed far from their families during the holidays.  When it comes to Jolly Old Saint Nick, the possibilities are endless.


Inflatable Holiday Decorations Featuring the Grinch

inflatable grinchThe Grinch has also become somewhat of a Christmas staple.

The green-furred creature popularized in the 1957 Dr. Seuss children’s book “How the Grinch Stole Christmas!” and its various adaptations on television, film, and live theater rose to become another reminder of the holidays.

Although there aren’t as many inflatable Grinches as there are inflatable Santas (mainly because not everyone is familiar with the Dr. Seuss literary universe whereas Santa Claus has been a household name for centuries), the Grinch is nonetheless a character that has achieved popularity in decorative inflatable form.

You can have a simple inflatable Grinch standing in your yard wearing his mischievous signature smile or you can have an inflatable decoration depicting him doing what he does best, riding a sleigh with his dog Max and stealing the presents meant for other people, the Whos of Whoville to be precise.


Disney Inflatable Christmas Decorations

Some of the lovable cartoon characters that you enjoyed watching on television while you were little can still entertain you and everyone else by adding to your home’s festive feel.  Disney characters dressed up in festive garb make ideal decorations because they remind people of both the joy of the holidays and the innocence of childhood.

It’s true that Christmas can make anyone feel like a child again, and having Mickey Mouse dressed up as Santa Claus and riding a sleigh with his faithful dog Pluto as one of his reindeer is one of the many great ways of expressing the special kind of happiness that comes around once a year.  From classic characters like Donald Duck and Winnie the Pooh to more modern favorites like Woody the Cowboy and Lightning McQueen, having Christmas-themed Disney decorations in your yard can make your home more inviting, especially for both the young and the young at heart.

Other Blow up Decoration Ideas

Christmas is coming in few weeks. You need to gear up with amazing gifting ideas that will make you and your loved ones happy. It does not matter whether the decorations that you do is indoor or outdoor, you need to sort and manage things well as they might take extra space while some can be quite big to be placed well.

If you are running out of space for ornaments or you think that you need to bring change in the regular pattern, then why don’t you switch to an outdoor yard decor? Children would love it and you don’t even have to struggle hard to get the right storage space.

Select the right theme: Most blow up Christmas decor come in different types of cartoons and even the story theme. Now the choice is yours whether you want to keep a Santa, or few cartoon inflated or simply put some embellishments at the entryway that would just add the beauty to your home. A hanging Santa outside the house on the rooftop will definitely look amazing.

Think of the color: Many come in vibrant color and are pretty large that can stretch up to 8-10 feet. As the decoration would be for the nighttime, think of the color combination accordingly.

Size: If you are inflating a tree, bushes or branches, then you need to think wisely on the size. As these things do not require to be huge and if too much air is blow, it can damage the piece.

Choose a nice setup: The setup should be made in such a way that kids can play around with the setup and nobody gets hurts. Put few tastes at the ground for better security. With right theme, organize all the sets well and thus have a safe holidays. There are many decoration ideas; you can ask your kids as well as their creativity is beyond the imagination level.

The best part about inflatable yard decorations is it’s available in a variety of options at a cost friendly deal. You can customize them by adding some shine, lights and even create an entryway adornment that would enhance the entire look. So make this Christmas full of surprises with all new ornaments which even your kids will love. What are you waiting for? Start your shopping today and make this event mesmerizing ones with your people. Don’t forget to click snaps!